8th International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics 2017 Conference & Exhibition : September 5~7, 2017 Master Classes : September 4, 2017 The SHILLA HOTEL, Jeju Island, Korea Organized by Korea Printed Electronics Association
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PE Industrial Session

You are all invited to Printed Electronics Industrial Session a special feature of ICFPE 2017. Through this session, we promote collaboration among PE researcher and engineer
A. Industry Tech Concert
Sharing of PE Tech & Discussion for Know-how/where
  • Host : renown PE experts(TBA)
  • Participants : all of you
  • Topic : Challenges and huddles in PE

Pathway towards monetization in printed electronics: Breaking the barrier for commercialization

Call for Questionnaire

Printed electronics has been the subject of intense research over the past few decades and many possible applications has been proposed. However, in order for printed electronics to be commercialized, we must discuss printed electronics from an entirely different perspective, from that of research-oriented to industry-oriented thinking: from that of proof-of-concept lab-scale demonstrations to feasibility of mass production and market value. Often times, it is assumed that lab-scale demonstrations will lead to mass production; however, there are many challenges that must be solved and new topics that must be discussed to bridge the two. In this special session, people with various experiences will discuss the challenges for the commercialization of printed electronics. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to get a sense of what is really needed to break the technological barrier and transition printed electronics from research labs to commercial production.
Please help us prepare for this important session by answering the following questionnaire (In either Korean or English).


[ Questionnaire ]

  1. . Please discuss the factors you have considered when first conceptualizing your printed electronic product. Below are some examples.
    Market size, competitiveness of product, feasibility (Can your idea actually be developed into a product? How much resource and time is needed to find out? What is the margin for failure?)
  2. Please discuss the factors you have considered in mass producing your product. (e.g. Repeatability, reproducibility, yield, uniformity). Please describe some key issues you have faced and how they were solved.
  3. Please discuss the challenges you have faced with respect to materials, process, and product design. Below are some examples.
    Materials: raw material and synthesis cost, maintenance/storage cost Process: Monitoring and eliminating defective products (quality control), equipment maintenance cost, equipment tolerance level to product specifications.Product Design: Proper UI/UX, long-term reliability, aesthetics
  4. What do you think are the absolute necessities or issues that require collaborations for successful commercialization of printed electronics in the future?
  5. Please suggest some additional topics of discussion that can be helpful in solving key challenges in the commercialization of printed electronics.
JOB Fair
Anyone interested in finding a position in PE industry will have a chance to give 10 min presentation.


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