8th International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics 2017 Conference & Exhibition : September 5~7, 2017 Master Classes : September 4, 2017 The SHILLA HOTEL, Jeju Island, Korea Organized by Korea Printed Electronics Association
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Paper Submission

Abstract Guideline

For each conference presentation and poster, an abstract is required that summarizes it.

The submission process has several steps :
  1. submission of an abstract in both PDF & MS word format, by Apr. 30, 2017 ~ June 30, 2017
  2. notification of abstract acceptance, by June 30, 2017 ~ July 14, 2017
  3. submission of final abstract in both PDF & MS word format if minor revision is required

Please note that the presenter of each paper will be required to pay the author registration by (early-bird registration). If the presenter does not register, the paper will be removed from the conference proceeding USB, the conference website and on-site printed program

Here are the some instructions for preparing an ABSTRACTS.
  • The abstract should be written in English. Use the metric system exclusively.
  • Proceeding USB(not printed) will be distributed, therefore color figures are allowed.
  • The final abstract length should not exceed 1 pages in length.
  • Use A4 paper with top and bottom margins of 2.5cm and left and right margins of 2cm.
  • Do not include page numbers or any other page header or footer.
  • Footnotes are not allowed.
  • Tables should be numbered independently of figures and have a table heading above.
    (use paragraph format 'table caption')
    The text should include references to all tables.
  • Figures are numbered and have a figure caption under the figure (use paragraph format 'figure caption').
    Make sure the size of lettering within the figure is big enough.
    The text should include references to all figures.
    You may arrange figures in one or double columns.
  • Formulae should be typewritten (use, e.g., Microsoft Equation Editor).
    Subscripts and superscripts should be clear.
    Give the meaning of all symbols immediately after the equation in which they are first used.
    Equations should be numbered sequentially at the right-hand side in parentheses.
    In general only equations explicitly referred to in the text need to be numbered.
  • List all the literature cited in the main text, using consecutive numbers.
    Place numbers with a closing parenthesis in superscript to cite literature in the main text, e.g., 1), 2,3)
    after any punctuation mark.
  • DO NOT number pages as this will be done when the proceedings is published.
  • The template contains all the necessary styles and page set-up and is ready to use.
    Avoid individual formatting of headings and text as much as possible.
    Use the paragraph styles as defined in this document to format the lay-out of your summary.


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